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Custom fit!

Every year each club company comes out with their next greatest thing, and although sometimes these clubs might not be as much as an upgrade to the previous model as advertised, there are a lot of great clubs available right now and really they have never been better. The options available to customize each club with different specs and especially shafts have never been so fine tuned and so important.

A majority of golfers may not be reaching their full potential because they are playing with the wrong clubs for their particular swing. Why? Because they haven’t been custom fit. You wouldn’t buy a suit off the rack….why buy your golf clubs without having them tailored to fit you and your game! Golfers now have the option to get custom fit using computerized measurement devices, like launch monitors, when buying their clubs. Studies show on average this improved their game by up to five strokes per round, hitting longer, straighter shots and had MORE FUN on the golf course. 92% of those golfers who were custom fit for their new equipment realized immediate benefits with their new equipment, and 80% of custom fit golfers hit the ball more accurately and consistently. Even as simple as making sure you have the right shaft in your clubs with the proper flex, weight and launch point can make a huge difference in any golfers game.

At Dauphin Highlands, we can help fit you for any clubs and help special order anything you may be interested in (and likely get you a discount in the process). We are very happy to guide you and help answer questions to find the right fit for you.  So before you go buy the next clubs off this "2015 Hot List" be certain to also make sure it fits your game.