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What is the preferred method to take divots on the range tee?
Range Divot Pattern

Now that the grass is growing and we are getting back onto the grass range tees for the season, did you know there is a preferred method for taking divots on the range?  In order to ensure that we have high quality turf to hit balls from late into the season, every golfer can help.  The illustration effectively demonstrates how your divot pattern can effect the overall condition of the practice range.  In the image, you see three methods of taking divots: strip, block and scattered pattern.  The "strip" method in the middle is far and away the preferred method for encouraging turf conservation and recovery.  The block or concentrated pattern, while conserving turf, takes an enormous amount of time to recover.  The scattered pattern simply disturbs too large an area at one time and chews up the practice range far too quickly.

Also as you can see, when done correctly, the "strip" method uses far less overall turf.  These strip divots will fill quickly with lateral growth from the sides and an aggressively fertility program used specifically on the practice range to encourage rapid recovery.

Spread the word... please use the "strip" method for your divot pattern and encourage your friends to do the same; the grass, the superintendent, and especially your fellow golfers looking to practice will greatly appreciate it!