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It is crazy to think that there were TWO Albatross on the PGA Tour at Bay Hill this past weekend!  What are the odds of that?! 

Well, The National Hole in One Association, which tracks holes-in-one and sets odds for the feat, states that an albatross is less likely than an elusive hole-in-one. The association sets a golfer's odds of making a hole-in-one at 12,700 to 1 or, for a professional, 3,700 to 1. The odds of achieving an albatross, meanwhile, are set at 6 million to 1!   The odds of two at the same course in a couple days has to be outrageous.

Also, where did the term albatross come from, or for that matter any of the terms in golf relating to "par"    Here is a link to a site that gives a background on all our golf terms used today.   http://www.scottishgolfhistory.org/origin-of-golf-terms/bogey/